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Industrial Furniture And Charcuterie Boards Made Deep In The Heart Of Texas

My name is Robert and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I have been in the auto paint and body business for 30 plus years and have restored numerous classic cars. I have always enjoyed building and restoring cars from the ground up but now I've found another passion industrial furniture. 

One day a friend of mine asked me if I could weld. Needless to say, I said yes.  This is what started my love of metal and reclaimed wood and Juarez Industrial Designs was born. 

Every furniture piece I create is one of a kind and can be as simple or complex as my mind can imagine. I use old wood that dates back to the late 1800 or early 1900's. The wood used during this time has alot of natural character and was milled for practical use and not just for aesthetic.  When possible, I enjoy finding out the story behind the wood and where it came from.  Mixing the metal with the old wood brings out the beauty of the aged wood and creates a look of a modern industrial rustic feel. 

In addition, I also like to create pieces of furniture using mesquite and pecan slabs with live edges.  It's amazing to see what use to be a tree can be transformed into something as beautiful as an entry way table, bench, coffee table, or a kitchen table.

I get satisfaction in giving new life to old wood that normally would have been discarded to a landfill, burned, or just rotted away.  Now these pieces can come back to life and be enjoyed for many years to come.

Some people say I'm a little critical of my work because I try to make each piece just right.  I take pride in my designs and  hope the people who see or purchase my work can see that in my craftsmanship and appreciate it for what it is.


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